DSO Nano V3 Micro-SD card DIY upgrade

I purchased some days ago a DSO Nano from the Italian shop Robot-Italy, i noticed it’s a good scope for beginners, it offers some rapid measurements like rms, duty, frequency,Vpeak-peak etc.

At the first power up i noticed a purple reference signal on the screen, it can be removed rapidly from the screen but at every reboot it reappear. OUCH!

Even the official forum did not gave a full solution for this stupid problem.

Few post around the web conviced me to try BenF firmware, i downloaded, flashed and got a white screen on the scope.

Few more searches and i found that i bought the last version of the scope featuring an ILI9341 LCD controller, not supported by the firmware downloaded, fortunately rimidalv007 fixed the lcd problem in a particular release of BenF firmware.

(see here —Search for: BenF_3.64APP_3.53LIB_patched_v2.zip)

My scope have the firmware update version 3.30D ? What? (this appears on screen putting device in dfu mode).

To flash firmware follow the guide on the official Seedstudio wiki page.

After the flash everything worked, except the signal save-load function. DAMN.

I bought an oscilloscope to save signals! UFFFF.

I opened the scope with the included screwdriver and i noticed a microsd unpopulated slot on the pcb…..MMMH, let’s try to solder a slot.


I got a slot from an old mp3 player but i had to apply it with wires.


To ensure slot functionality i desoldered the Vcc pin of the onboard serial memory, i used this datasheet picture to understand pinout:

Serial Flash Pinout


Then i shorted the “card detect” pin of the slot with GND, to make sure the scope will recognize an inserted card.


After a well insulation i plugged to my pc and a disk appeared. YUUUUUU.


Also saving signals from BenF firmware works.

Here is an example:


I got a working scope with a professional firmware fully working, try by yourself only if you now how to make this mod.


If you want to restore the original behaviour simply remove the slot, reconnect the vcc pin of the onboard serial memory ad restore the original firmware, i uploaded the right version here, downloaded from the official cinese maker of the scope.

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  1. Hi, I am desperately seeking that same patched BenF firmware for my Nano v3. It is no longer downloadable from the Seeedstudio forum… in fact the whole forum seems to be kind of “hidden” now, can’t get to it from Seeedstudio front page, impossible to register etc. I was wondering please, could you make this zip file BenF_3.64APP_3.53LIB_patched_v2.zip available to me somehow? molte grazie